How to handle multiple currencies?

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How to handle multiple currencies?
Internationally, such as Europe and many places around the world, the need for more than one currency is crucial.

  • Europe may need the Euro and the local currency, here in Dubai we need the local currency AED (Dirham), USD, Euro and many other currencies from neighbouring countries such as SAR (Saudi Riyal), KD (Kuwaiti Dinar) etc.
  • Apart from the base currency of the Unit, the system needs to accept multiple currencies with option for conversion rates categories, instant (linkage to online currency conversions), Business (Set by the Business company / Acquirer on regular basis - daily, weekly, etc.), or Manual.
  • Ability to modify the base currency when a store is defined i.e at store level. International companies may have multiple stores in various countries.
  • At Poynt Developer’s site, there its no option for doing this. Actually the whole Payment parameters found under the Settings on the Unit cannot be modified at all. How to modify it?

Anybody with similar requirements, please share your opinion and how you are intending to handle it.

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Hi Gus,

The options you are seeing on Settings > Payments screen would normally be set by the acquirer or reseller.
At the moment we only support USD currency.

Thanks Dennis for answering the last bulleted point of my query. The first two bullets are of accepting multiple currency during accepting payment with DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is still outstanding.
Best regards

We plan to support multiple currencies and DCC once we start expanding into other markets.