Firebase applied for crash analytics - Google Play services not supported by your device

Dear Poynt support team,

When submitting our app for validation before going live for pilot phase the submission has been rejected with the following issue: “Apk is not using crash analytics.”

It has been noticed that the same issue had already been discussed (Apk is not using crash analytics). The advice was to use a crash/analytics library (firebase, crashlytics, etc).

However, when trying to use Firebase we faced an issue when testing the code in the terminal. The error raised by “GoogleApiAvailability” singleton is the following: “[APP NAME] won’t run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device.”

Could you please give us some advice, as per the error message the issue seems to be related to some device capability? Would it also be possible, please, to provide us with a list of crash/analytics libraries supported by Poynt devices?

Kind regards,