Apk is not using crash analytics

Does anyone know why my apk is rejected for that reason (Apk is not using crash analytics)?

Hi, you would need to implement Crash Analytics into your app for crash reporting and monitoring.

Sorry if I’m replying to a very old post, but I received this error after uploading a new version (the funny thing is that I’ve only change and endpoint url). What do you mean for “Crash Analytics”? Because on Poynt API site I cannot find anything and I don’t think you mean the firebase crash library.

Can you help me?

Thank a lot!

You could use any crash/analytics library(firebase, crashlytics, etc) or even build your own to track any crashes in the application. We enforce this so that developers can get updates on the bugs and fix them.


When trying to use Firebase we faced an issue when testing the code in the terminal. The error raised by “GoogleApiAvailability” singleton is the following: “[APP NAME] won’t run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device.” (Firebase applied for crash analytics - Google Play services not supported by your device)

Could you please give us some advice, as per the error message the issue seems to be related to some device capability? Would it also be possible, please, to provide us with a list of crash/analytics libraries supported by Poynt devices?

Hi, here are a few options


How can we use crashlytics when it is dependant on google play services? Is there a way to install google play services on the device?

Richard, Poynt OS does not come with google play services installed.
Not all the features on crashlytics require play services, you could just import the firebase core for analytics