Weekly Release - Week of 7/12/19

Here are the updated that went out the week of 7/12/19.

New Features

Merchant: As part of the Maverick Global Patch release, our team has rolled out the web side of Maverick Global - namely Web Tutorials. These interactive tips appear when a new merchant logs into Poynt Web HQ (merchant portal) for the first time. They cover how to: (1) Set Preferences For Your Business; (2) Create A Menu Of Your Items; (3) How to Settle Your Batch; and (4) How to Process Refunds. These tutorials can be accessed and re-played at anytime by going to the Help App > Tutorials

Merchant: In Poynt HQ > Help > Tutorials: We’ve embedded our new User Training Videos in the Tutorials section of Poynt HQ. These videos will help merchant get their terminals & accessories up & running more quickly: Setting Up Your Poynt Smart Terminal and Setting Up Your Poynt 5 Smart Terminal & Accessories.

Merchant: In our invoices feature, we will now allow customer to add a tip when paying for invoices.


Merchant: On our enhanced Tax report, we’ve added a new section “Taxes By Day” to our Summary section.


Merchant: Update to our Weekly Insights Email. Our design team created a fresh new icon for this section and we updated the content to include a link to our Spring 2019 Quarterly Release Notes.


Reseller: (Nexi) Our team translated hundreds of strings into Italian in the Nexi Reseller Portal.

Reseller: (Elavon EU) Add a column to the bulk upload CSV file to designate whether or not to “preinstallApks” (e.g. apps installs).

Developer/Internal: Add changes made in ATC developer portal get written to application_timeline index in ES. Also add changes made in admin (web) by Poynt users when they change status of an app

Bug Fixes

Merchant: In the merchant portal under Apps, when a user selects an application, the user should see application billing plans to be able to create a new subscription. Currently users: 1) Don’t see any plans. 2) When user trying to create new subscription, user see error “plan not found”