Weekly Release - 8/2/19

Below are the items released the week of August 2, 2019.

OS Release - Global Maverick Build (to All North America and Canada; already sent our release notes to the team a few weeks back)

APK LMI Release - Starting ramping on 7/29/19 (to Non-Elavon merchants); will continue ramping after partner testing)

API LMI Release - 7/30/19 & 7/31/19 (Everyone)

Weekly Web Release (New Features & Bug Fixes) - 8/1/19 (Everyone)

APK LMI Release (on device)

Feature Enhancements

  1. Merchant: Wake up the screen if it is turned off for external payment requests (i.e MangoMint uses this API).

Bug Fixes

  1. Merchant: (Evertec) When a cash transaction is performed, taxes are not printed.

  2. Merchant: (Evertec) When a transaction is voided, the approval number is not on the receipt, but it is in the message.

  3. Merchant: (Evertec) When a transaction is declined and the merchant prints a receipt, it includes Control Number. The receipt should not include Control Number.

  4. Merchant: (Evertec) When Tax is toggled off, the terminal app is still calculating the tax with $0 amount.

  5. Merchant: Poynt Services Crash after memory leak buildup.

  6. Merchant: Poynt settings page is opened after a payment is made through payment bridge (i.e. in connection with 3rd party app).

API LMI Release (on server side)

Bug Fixes

  1. Merchant: (TSYS) Previously our team was manually resolving issues related to Card Type Verification Error/BIN 2 transaction which caused batches to fail. With this change we no longer need to manually fix this issue.

  2. Merchant: (Nexi) Business not found exception.

Web Release

Feature Enhancements:

  1. Reseller: Remote-wipe check sheet for Mission Control.

  2. Reseller: (Vista) Merchant on-boarding additional fields.

  3. Reseller: Provide Resellers the ability to manage store settings that are currently only available to Mission control users (Poynt Customer Success and Support).

Bug Fixes:

  1. Merchant: Some receipts broke after web push on 8/1.

  2. Merchant: Cache problem that caused issues with items report and viewing receipts in Poynt HQ web portal.

  3. Reseller: (Nexi) Translation strings for Manage Terminals.

  4. Developer: Developer unable to edit change-log for uploaded apps, bug in uploading images.