Weekly Release - 7/5/19

Below are the updates that were pushed out the week of July 5, 2019.

Feature Enhancements

  1. Developer: Give developers a way to manage billing plans themselves. From time to time developers need to add new plans or deactivate existing billing plans for their apps.
  2. Developer: We now display a new error message on the Developer Portal. The error happens when the app is not signed with the same private key that was used for the previous APK that was submitted.
  3. Developer: Add two new APK statuses: “Ready for pilot” and “Conditionally approved”.
  4. Reseller: Turn tutorials toggle off for Polish merchants.
  5. Reseller: Turn off tax on terminal for Elavon EU.

Bug Fixes

  1. Merchant: When attributes for Tax on terminal is set to “NaN” it causes Terminal app and Poynt Services to crash.
  2. Merchant: One merchant needs settlement mode changed to host capture so their account can be changed from Lodging (terminal capture) to Retail (host capture).
  3. Merchant: One merchant needs settlement mode changed to terminal capture so that tips can be enabled. Attempting to do so via Reseller Portal does not work.
  4. Merchant: One merchant needs debit optimization to be permanently disabled.
  5. Merchant: On DCC email receipt > at the bottom there is a field called “provided”. It is currently being populated with date/time stamp but should instead be populated with conversion rate.
  6. Merchant: (Elavon EU) On Poynt HQ > merchant support tab pre-fills with Poynt email address instead of generic support email.
  7. Merchant : Discrepancy between- Tips and Number of Transactions - in the Employees Tips Report and Transactions Report and Tips Report.
  8. Merchant: (Mindbody only) Stop sending weekly insights email to Mindbody merchants. They don’t use Poynt HQ.
  9. Merchant: Invoices are being sent to the processor as Auth-Only transactions.
  10. Merchant: Enable Nav Bar for all Elavon production terminals and give Elavon the ability to toggle it on/off.
  11. Developer: Change Log is not displayed in the developer view after the apk state changes.