Weekly Release - 6/28/19

Below are the updates that were pushed out the week of June 28, 2019.

Feature Enhancements

1. Merchant: We now will automatically settle open batches associated with de-activated TIDs.

2. Merchant: (Loyalty Merchants) Customers can now earn multiple rewards for a single transaction.

3. Reseller: Add support for base 64 encoding (for messages that go out to Acquirers).

Bug Fixes

4. Merchant: Stop sending 400 error when a cancel is attempted on a decline transaction.

5. Reseller: ( Canada) Fix for sending the wrong card number in the void request.

6. Reseller: Send the right error codes on message exception (i.e. Elavon response message not parsed).

7. Reseller: Message spec version was incorrect for exchange rate calls.

8. Reseller: ( Evertec) The response message from a refund needs to be sent with the void request.