Weekly Release - 5/9/19

1.Customer Analytics For Poynt Loyalty Merchants: Our team has created high level analytics for merchants whom have subscribed to our Poynt Loyalty program. Now, when Poynt loyalty merchants click on the “Customers” tab in their Poynt HQ web portal, they will see: (1) average amount customers spend per visit; (2) average visits per customer; (3) number of returning customers; (4) number of unique customers; (5) customer frequency; and (6) loyalty rewards. redeemed.

2.Manual Entry Now Supports Union Pay BIN: We now support China Union Pay BIN which allows merchants to be able to accept Union Pay credit cards in the Manual Entry app.

New Reseller Features

1. Ability To Filter Terminals By Country Code, Hardware Product, EMV Config Version, and Android Build: The Terminals Page in the Reseller Portal now includes additional filters to make it easier for Resellers to search and view a list of terminals based on specific parameters (e.g. Country Code).

Bug Fixes

1. On Device: When tapping on a specific transaction in the Transactions List, the screen gets stuck. 2. On Device: One merchant experienced Poynt Services Crash when Poynt printer was toggled on and external printer connected. 3. On Device: Poynt services crash randomly occurs when the user selection modal pops up in between processing. 4. On Device: When performing a reversal on Interac transactions "REC NOT FOUND" error occurs. 5. Automatically Generate Missing Settlement Reports: If a Settlement report fails to generate due to backend dependencies or load related issues, we will now automatically re-generate the report. 6. Fix Universal Search: Now a merchant can search Transactions by: transaction ID, credit card number, names, and dates. 7. Unknown On Reports: One customer's reports were returning "unknown" instead of Employee/User names. 8. Poynt HQ Sales Dashboard: One merchant reported that the amount displayed on the sales dashboard on Poynt HQ differs with Transaction and Settlement reports. 9. Transaction Reports Discrepancy: Transactions reports generated for different shifts in one day, doesn't match the transaction report generated for the entire day. 10. Mobile Poynt HQ: Unable to look up customer's information on the mobile Poynt HQ app. 11. TSYS Merchants/Settlements 2.0: Data not showing up under "Settlements" in Sales Dashboard in Poynt HQ. 12. EU Reseller Portal: QR code or serial number entry does not show up initially in Reseller portal when trying to activate terminals. 13. EU Reseller Portal: Adding a Test Catalog to a Test merchant in the EU Reseller Portal errors out. 14. ISV Portal: FIx default Developer Role permissions.