Weekly Release - 5/30/19


New Features

  1. Merchant: Tax On Terminal Reporting: In the upcoming Maverick release we will be supporting Taxes within the Terminal App. This is one of the top feature requests we’ve received from our merchants. Previously, they would have to use our Register App if they wanted to apply taxes to transactions.
    Now, merchants will be able to create and edit taxes directly from their terminal through Settings > Business Settings. Once taxes are enabled in the Terminal App, and merchants process transactions with taxes applied, merchants will be able to generate our newly enhanced Taxes report which includes a summary breakdown of all the different categories of taxes as well as line item details of each transaction.


Feature Enhancements

  1. Merchant: Reporting Enhancements (Items, Tips, Taxes, Discounts, and Fees):
    Prominent Summary Section: We’ve created a more prominent header section that includes a detailed summary of important information (i.e. Total Items Sold, Total Fees, Total Tips, etc.)
    Reporting Accuracy: We’ve improved the reporting accuracy (i.e.if an order status is completed but the transaction was refunded, previously we were still treating it as a successful order in tax/item/discount/fee calculations).
    Category Level Breakdowns: We’ve included additional category level breakdowns within each report (i.e. tax type, discount type, fee type); previously we were just displaying totals.
    Line item data: We now populate data about each tax/discount/fee/item in its own individual row so that merchants can more easily work/leverage the data when they export their reports as XLS or CSV files.
  2. Merchant: Translation of all Poynt generated emails into Polish (including Welcome Email).
  3. Merchant: Polish translation for Help App articles.
  4. Merchant: Toggle ON ADA for all live Elavon EU terminals (i.e. all UK IR, PO).
  5. Developer: During the app submission process, we will now enforce field validation and login credentials for app reviews. Some app developers upload their apps with incomplete information which in turn impacts their adoption and app-details page views. We also want to collect developer’s app credentials in case we need to review their app manually or someone at Poynt wants to demo the app (like sales team).
  6. Developer: When creating a test merchant in the Elavon EU Developer Portal, ensure the merchant is set up with the appropriate locale and currency & business settings.
  7. Developer: Before an app is submitted for review we will force developers to select at least one terminal model (i.e. P61B) from Terminal Compatibility list.
  8. Reseller: In the terminal timeline we’ve added a time/day based filter (i.e. last 1 hour, last 2 hours, last 1 day, last 2 days, last 7 days, last month, custom).