Weekly Release 5/23

Hi Team,

Hope you had a great week! Kudos again this week to the various teams in working hard to improve our weekly release process. I’m really proud of our team iterating and constantly seeking to improve our internal processes and merchant experience.

This week we released:

APK LMI Release - 5/21/19 & 5/22/19
API LMI Release - 5/21/19 & 5/22/19
Weekly Web Release (New Features & Bug Fixes) - 5/23/19
I will send out the word doc Reseller version of these release notes on Fridays. I will also upload them to this google drive Weekly Releases 2019.

Also, the Customer Success team has been publishing the Reseller version of these weekly release notes to Poynt Forums which Resellers can opt into and receive notifications/updates (Thanks Yamini & Melody)!

Have a great memorial day weekend!


APK LMI Release
(Poynt Services Jazinda RC14-LMI-Patch3)

Bug Fixes

  1. Merchant: The Select User Box Keeps popping up randomly. If you login it goes away for a while but comes back. EUAT-2079

  2. Merchant: One merchant’s EMV configs keeps changing to DEFAULT. OPS-5436

  3. Merchant: One merchant’s keyed-in transaction showed AVS response on the receipt as “Unsupported Y”. The “Unsupported” needs to be removed. EUAT-1180

  4. Merchant: One of the leading crashes that merchants saw according to Crashlytics. Essentially a memory allocation problem. Merchant sees a dialog that says unfortunately “Poynt services has crashed”. AX-2513

  5. Merchant: App Crash (PoyntPaymentActivity crashing because PaymentSettings is null). Merchant sees a dialog that says unfortunately “Poynt services has crashed”. AX-2532

  6. Merchant: App Crash (Crash in LoadBusinessByAcquirerAndTidTask). Merchant sees a dialog that says unfortunately “Poynt services has crashed”. AX-2533

  7. Merchant: One terminal’s card reader stopped responding for a long period of time until reboot. OPS-5480

  8. Merchant: DEBIT transactions declines with error “Debit Refunds must include pin”. This is a result of AID AutoSelection for NON-REF REFUNDS. OPS-5611

  9. Merchant: Several acquirers (Elavon and Nexi especially) requires the transaction reversal to be processed before processing the next transaction. So if a transaction takes longer than 15 secs and a merchant cancels the transaction and attempts another transaction immediately while the previous one is still pending (to be reversed) - result is causes a sequencing issue. EUAT-1042

  10. Merchant: One merchant’s EBT “FS” option missing even though EBT is Turned on and account properly on boarded. OPS-5594

  11. Developer: Poynt Services crashes on emulators. DEV-1953

  12. Internal: Replace GoogleAnalytics with FirebaseAnalytics in all Copilot apps. MX-3423

  13. Internal: Silent ANRs (Application Not Responding) reported in Bug Snag. AX-2558

API LMI Release (on server side)

Bug Fixes

  1. Merchant: TSYS merchants in states with 2 or more words, like New York, District Of Columbia, are not being compared correctly by the code. AX-2563

  2. Merchant: NON-REF REFUNDS of DEBIT transactions without pin causing API 400 error. OPS-5612

  3. Merchant: Elavon EU merchants - for referenced refunds/voids EMV tags are not being sent for the original transaction. We will now send EMV tags in the void/refund request. EUUAT-561

  4. Merchant: TSYS merchant’s refund transactions are not being processed even though they are marked as settled. OPS-5614

Web Release

Bug Fixes:

Internal: Evertec store settings - require separate toggle for different EBT transaction types. AX-2029

Internal: Dmesg commands (for kernal panic messages) are being captured by PoyntCheckinService but not displayed in MC. TM-9