Weekly Release - 5/16/19

New Features

1.Merchants: Debit Paper Rolls subscription option added to Poynt HQ for Canada.

2.Developers: Enable App Self Service Permissions (e.g. App Store, Device Jobs, Device Groups, Test App Installs, Live App Installs Test Merchant OTAs, ATC-MC Switching, Bug Reports) for All New Developer Organizations.

Feature Enhancements

1. Merchant: Reporting UX Enhancements for Tax Reporting (Register App): Our merchants have been requesting a more robust Tax Report and we listened. Now merchants will get a comprehensive summary of their total taxes applied, total taxes per tax type. We also now provide a comprehensive breakdown of taxes applied to individual line items (including transaction id, order id, tax and status of the order). 2. Merchant: Reporting UX Enhancements for Fees Reporting (Register App): to make life even easier for merchants, we've also parsed out fees applied to orders in the Register app into its own separate report - Fees Report. Previously fees were bundled into the Orders Report. 3. Merchant: Reporting UX Enhancements for Discount Reporting (Register App): We've also parsed out discounts applied to orders in the Register app into its own separate report- Discounts Report. Previously discounts were bundled into the Orders Report. 4. Developer: If an app developer creates a plan with a price >=$5 & trial >= 7 days, our system will automatically approve of the billing plan. 5. Developer: Allow developers to select more than one region when submitting APK for review.

Bug Fixes

1. Merchant/Nexi: Devices activating on the TVB host are getting Business Not Found Error. 2. Merchant/Canada: In a reversal transaction for Interac, incorrect transaction codes are being sent. 3. Merchant/Canada: RKI not working for Canada terminals with SafeT. 4. Merchant/Canada: Terminals in CI are not able to approve Interac or credit cards. 5. Merchant/Canada: One merchant's contact Interac transactions were automatically reversing with "Record Not Found". 6. Merchant/Canada: P5s on Host capture, contact Interac refunds are returning "Invalid card 7. Merchant/Puerto Rico: IVU-LOTO: Incorrect format for Control Number. 8. Merchant/Chase: For three merchants on the direct Chase integration, the NFC-CL toggle was not updating. 9. Developer: Fix Tests in ATC Developer Portal. 10. Developer: When a developer submits two screenshots for their app, it causes an error message that would not go away. 11. Developer: 403 Permission error during app creation. 12. Reseller: Devices on Maverick build crashes after RKI load. 13. Reseller/Elavon: Update Elavon Encompass specification version that we send during transactions to 4.026. 14. Reseller/Elavon: Canadian Master Session Keys specification version needs to be changed for terminals on Maverick or higher based on KSN or Encryption Type. 15. Reseller/Elavon: Debit voids are failing with Mac Key Sync error in CI environment on non safe-t terminals.