Weekly Release - 5/1/19

New Merchant Features

1. Filter Generated Reports By Date “Including Date”: Generated reports that contain the “Included Date” within their respective start/end date range will be displayed. This is a shortcut to see past reports.

2. Merchants Can See What Catalogs/Categories A Specific Tax is Associated With: Now merchants can see which taxes are associated with which catalog. This will prevent merchants from creating duplicate taxes or other unintended changes.

Also, we’ve disabled merchants from deleting taxes that are currently associated with a catalog or category on this page. This will prevent errors on the back-end.

Bug Fixes (5/1/19)

1. Poynt HQ: Print Change Back reports did not show the correct EMV. 2. Reseller Portal/Mission Control: Searching For Multiple Terminals in Poynt HQ. 3. Elavon EU: Email Receipt for Polish merchants appearing in English. 4. Elavon EU: Polish translation amendments based on Polish pilot merchants. 5. Manual Entry: When merchants do a manual entry transaction and selects $0 tip, on the display afterwards it shows (amount + tip) which concatenates as a string (i.e 30 + 0 = 300 not 30). 6. Elavon EU: Translate Welcome Email for Polish Merchants into Polish language. 7. Elavon EU: When changing a merchant's Maintenance Window from the Reseller Portal, the change does not save. It reverts back to previous time. 8. Reseller Portal: When performing a partial refund in the Transactions tab, the amount sent through does not factor in the cents amount. For example, if you type in $40.00 for a partial refund, it will send through $0.04. 9. Help App: The support Chat button that used to show up in the Help App is not longer there. 10. Developer Portal: Allow developers to enable/disable nav bar on test accounts.