Weekly Release - 11/8/19

Below are the items released the week of November 8, 2019.

• Web Release: New Features & Bug Fixes
• APK Release:
• Spiderman LMI2: Rolled out to 400 LMI Quality Check Merchants. Full rollout scheduled for next week
• Jazinda RC14 PSU Rebuild : rolled out to all US & EU Merchants
• Nexi app v117: rolled out to all Nexi terminals
• API LMI Release

Web Release

Feature Enhancements

1. Poynt Capital (select merchants only): Email automation. Add handler to send emails from web and trigger these from Mixpanel to automate campaigns. Email template is added to code. No impact on merchants HQ.

2. Poynt Capital (select merchants only): Send last 30 day merchant settlement information to Fundomate. Fundomate needs the last 30 day settlement average, last 2 settlement days before finalizing the funding for the merchant. When the merchant agrees to terms and views the offer we share the merchant information and funding information.

3. Poynt Capital (select merchants only): Track the merchant cash advance state in capital_offers index and report to Mixpanel. We are adding tracking for merchant offer states, so we have better sync with Fundomate which allows us to tailor the merchant experience in the future. No UI changes, we receive and update the status in the backend.

4. Poynt Capital (select merchants only): Send out two additional email campaigns.

5. Merchants: Pricing: Improve Virtual Terminal up sell content.

6. Merchants: Pricing: Changed main landing page to show up sell content on it, and Keep the connect to Quickbooks button, on click show view plans screen (with a la carte)

7. Merchants: Pricing: Rework Invoice up sell flow to attempt the high conversion flow used in Poynt Loyalty.

8. Merchant: Pricing: Feedback/Customer Messaging feature Improvement.

9. Merchant: Pricing: A la carte option for the Invoicing feature is now available for merchants in the Marketplace > App center (online).



10. Merchants: NPS Initiative: NPS survey to business created at 2 weeks ago. Added link Poynt HQ.