Weekly Release - 10/18/19


Below are the items released the week of October 18, 2019.

Web Release: New Features & Bug Fixes

APK Release (Spiderman): Final RC bundle shared with Partners and ramped to 50 QC merchants

Web Release

New Features

1. Pricing Bundles (Merchants): The team has launched the ability to give merchants discounts on subscriptions for a limited time. The objective of launching discounts is that it enables us as a company to experiment with price differentiation for our basic merchants giving them an incentive to upgrade to our premium plans.

Feature Enhancements:

2. Potential Developers/Resellers : Update dev kit tax rate to 9.00% when they order online.

3. Merchants: (Poynt Capital Pilot) Poynt capital improvements for tracking and settlements.

4. Merchants: (Mynt) Enable paid scanner business attribute (e.g. cortext scanner)