Unable to build the poynt example app cause of denied repository access


I’m having trouble building this example app --> https://github.com/poynt/PoyntSamples
The problem is that everytime i try to build it, it gives me this error message:

‘’ Could not HEAD ‘https://nexus.poynt.com/content/repositories/snapshots/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.2.1-4818971/aapt2-3.2.1-4818971.pom’. Received status code 401 from server: Unauthorized
Enable Gradle ‘offline mode’ and sync project ‘’

It seems like i need credentials to log into the repository, but using the credentials that i have on the poynt portal does not let me in.
Wich credentials am i supposed to use?

Thanks in advance for any help, best regards,

Same problem here! Did you find a way to fix it?

For me the problem was that i didn’t move the mavenCentral() over the maver urls in the build.gradle file.


Thanks a lot! I was missing the mavenCentral() part completely, adding it at the right place fixed it

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