Trying to get accessToken

Hi all,

in these days i’m developing a rest service that send notification to Poynt Cloud Message.
Firrst of all i have downloaded the python example and try to get Access Token keeping the code as it was (without changing private key file and appId).
In these conditions i got the token withou error.
When i tried to put instead the data of my app (appID and rsa pribate key file), poynt token rest response was:
“code”: “LOGIN_FAILED”,
“developerMessage”: “Could not find application issuer: urn:aid:4855093b-27c1-40d1-xxxx…”,
“httpStatus”: 401,
“message”: “Login failed.”,
“requestId”: “865f49e1-7622-42ba-98be-b60ccccbecb5”

The problem appears to be related to the appID but i am pretty sure that this is correct.
There is another possible issue? please help me

ps: from the poynt mission control i had authorized cloud for the these app but i hadnt set the OAuthUrl
(because until now for my apps i didnt need to set it and also because i don’t have idea of how to implement a such http service that respondes at that url)