Test billing with eu portal

we loaded the dev app on the European portal but we can no longer test the billing part because we receive errors that we did not have before on the US portal.
Since we need to do these tests and that after setting the smartpos in our possession we can no longer pair it with a store on the US portal, help me to provide a solution to complete the test part?
Thank you

we are working on few billing issues for NEXI, please hold on for now. We will get back to you once they are fixed.

if the times are long it is possible to have a solution to the problem at least temporary? for example by resetting our smartpos for the US portal?

Sure we can do that, i will give a status update tomorrow

what do you need to reset my smartpos and set it again for the US portal?

just the serial number of device. But please hold on for now, once we evaluate the time needed to fix the issues we will make the move. If it can be fixed in a couple of days we can avoid the hassle of moving the terminals to US.

the serial of our device are: P6SW18XJS001032

waiting another 2 days for us is a problem since we are stopping by Friday and in a few days the development team will go on vacation for 3 weeks. If it is possible, I would prefer not to block the development team and be operational as soon as possible

no news about my issue?

There is a fix available for Billing now. We have provided you the app store apk file separately.
Please install the apk using adb install -r option.

You may use http://www.getcreditcardnumbers.com/ to generate a credit card to enter in the cc form.

Please understand that merchants won’t have to deal with entering credit card, since they will be signing with Nexi billing. This is just to allow developers to create a subscription.

You should now have new version of Apps installed.