Test application on production (merchant) device


How I can deploy our app on production (merchant) device to test real transaction?

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Apologies for any misunderstanding caused by our phone call earlier Sergey.

Actually, one does not deploy an app directly onto a Merchant kit for testing live transactions;
instead, one deploys the app onto a Dev Kit, and use a credit card for the test transaction.

The Test Merchant account you’ve created can perform transactions with ‘live’ credit cards, but will never actually bill the card in question.

However, the transactions section of that Test Merchant’s page will show the ‘test’ transaction, much as a live kit would show a live transaction - so feel free to test apps’ transactions on Dev Kits all you’d like.

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Poynt Support

Thank you for your answer,

but actually we will need to test application on real device with real card to be sure it will work with it properly

When you upload your apk on poynt.net we can sign it and push it to a specific merchant device.

Hello Dennis,

I have upload our apk Application ID: urn:aid:a247c305-ce23-455e-a474-f659c5a7c22b
could you please send it to our merchant device to test SN: P61SWT367FS001087


Hello Dennis,

could you upload our apk (10) to our test merchant device, please SN: P61SWT367FS001087

our management need it to test on real device

Thank you