Supported external peripherals

The Poynt Smart Terminal can be easily paired with our supported external accessories or peripherals.

Note: Not all peripherals are supported by all processors. Please consult your Reseller Organization for more information.A list of supported peripherals for Elavon merchants can be found here. Please reach out to Elavon support for any questions on availability and pricing.
Supported Peripherals

USB Printers:

  • Esky POS-5870


  • STAR TSP650

  • STAR TSP100 TSP143iiU

  • mPOP POP10-B1

Network Printers


  • EPSON TM-m30

  • STAR TSP100/TSP143Lan


  • STAR SP700,

  • EPSON TM-U220B

Cash Drawers

  • STAR SMD2-1317 + USB Trigger

  • STAR Model: 37965560 + USB Trigger

  • M-S Cash Drawer CF-405-M-B + USB Trigger

  • SOLUX - SX-CD-100-RJ + USB Trigger

  • mPOP POP10-B1 - combination cash drawer/ printer

  • APG Vasario

  • MMF VL1616 (Part Number 225-1516442-04)

Note: Cash Drawer USB Trigger (such as the BT-100U Cash Drawer Driver Trigger) required for connecting drawer to the Poynt dock.

Cash Register:

  • Sams 4S ER-5200m