Smartpos as a printer gateway via Poynt API


We need to have a smartpos a some thermal printer connected to it, select and/or configure them via Poynt API and print message directly form Poynt API.

Is there these functions avaialble on Poynt systems?



Hi Carlo,
If you are looking to connect to external printers please take a look at the supported printers for Poynt terminal.

Configuring the printer cannot be done from the terminal.
Poynt printer service provides the interface to print on external printers. IPoyntPrinterService (Poynt SDK - API)
Note: The printReceipt method does not work on external printers


but is there a printer service through Poynt API?

Maybe also this could help, Carlo:

@direzione, are you trying to integration a printer that is not listed in ?


No, I’m asking if it is possibile to use Poynt API to print order or part of it on external printer connected to smarter pos