Resellers: New toggles available for your Merchants

We have made some new toggles available for you. Now you can now manage certain settings and apps for your Merchants. Below is a list of features that you can now enable. These can all be accessed under Store Settings unless noted.

Lodging : Set up the Merchant as a lodging business. This should be done only if the Merchant will be processing lodging transactions.


Customer Verification Method:

  • allows the customer to skip signature for transactions below a certain amount


  • allows the customer to always signature


Tips & Receipts : turn on and customize tip settings for your merchants

  • Tips : Enable and set the tip value as either percentage or amount of transaction


  • Receipt Settings: allow various types of receipts


Invoice: Allows the merchants to enter in an invoice ID when processing a transaction on the terminal.


Poynt apps: You can now enable certain Poynt native apps for your merchants. Most of these are available by default.

  • Manual Entry : enable Merchants to process manual entry transactions without having to go through the Register/catalog. For details on manual entry transactions, click here.


  • Settlements App: Merchants can view settlements and settle batches.


  • Terminal app Tax : Automatically calculates and applies taxes on transactions processed through Terminal App


Payments: enables Merchant to accept various methods of payments


Settlements settings:

  • auto settlement: auto settle batches every day at a certain time. This is applicable for Terminal Settle merchants.
  • auto capture: automatically capture transactions


Screen settings: customize screen brightness and allow for auto-sleep off dock to save battery life. The default value for Custom screen off timeout is 30s but depending on the frequency of transactions this can be set from 3-5 minutes.


Other: enable settings to be compliant with ADA