Receive and Display Notififcation on SmartPos from Cloud Message when app is background or closed

Hi all,

i have i few questions:

  1. Searching in Poynt documentation/forum i hadn’t found reference about receive notification in background (or if the app is closed).
    At this time my app receive messagge only when it’s on Foreground (and this is a limit). There is a way to make the SmartPos display cloud message?
    Or “BroadcastReceiver” is the only way to receive message from Cloud?

  2. is there a way from the Broadcast Receiver to create a Notification (android style, with click and swipe)?

  3. When inserting “recipient” info in sendCloudMessage rest call, it appears that the app doesn’t receive messages, neither on Brodcast Receiver. However omitting the recipient the message arrive to destination (when i tried with recipient i put “” and i put “” as className)

  1. BroadcastReceiver is the only way to receive message from Poynt cloud.
  2. Yes, it is possible to display notifications from broadcast receiver. There is nothing specific to Poynt OS, the regular android way of doing works. Here is an example from tutorialspoint.