Question about refund

In our Gift Card app there is TransactionProcessorService.
We recieve event about payment and refund via IPoyntTransactionService.Stub. When we do refund we also get IPoyntTransactionServiceListener listener. As we need to inut additional information we try to show Activity through listener.onLaunchActivity, but unsuccessfull.

But while we do payment - there is no issue with this activity.

So why this popup does not show when we do refund? Or is there issue with IPoyntTransactionServiceListener?

thank you

onLaunchActivity callback was not implemented for the refund use case, we are adding it in the our next release.

Hello Dennis!
In your PoyntSamples/samplegiftcardprocessor/…/CustomPaymentFragment onClick() method Transaction Manager calls processTransaction method with a two parameters:
Transaction processedTransaction = transactionManager.processTransaction(transaction, customPaymentCode.getText().toString());
In this case, this GiftCard transaction will not be refundable.
It looks like to be refundable Transaction Manager should call processTransaction method with a three parameters, included IPoyntTransactionServiceListener listener which is not available in CustomPaymentFragment at this moment.
So, my question is how to call processTransaction method with a three parameters to provide a proper GiftCard sale transaction to be sure it will be refundable in future?
thank you