Print Receipt Header and Footer

How can i use poynt header and footer for printing my own receipt


Yes, please refer to examples in

Hi Dennis,
I’m trying to use the printReceipt() method that is being used in the example you posted.
When i set the header and footer to print some bitmap it doesn’t print anything other than the text that i set in the body (No images appear)
The only way i could print an image is using the method printBitMap(), but in that case i wasn’t able to print text.

My question is, is there a way i can print text and image at the same time?
I just need to add a header text over the image.

Best regards,

Hello Dennis,

Could you upload the updated version of the print sample? Most of the methods in the provided sample is deprecated now.

I’ve looked through the new API, but there are not much documentation regarding the printing service either.

Thank you