Print Bitmap is so blurry

Hi Team,
I’m working on Poynt Smart Payment Terminal with internal printer. However, I have a problem with printer quality.

I tried to print my print job as a bitmap, but it is very blurry. I’m using this code.

And this is my result, so do you have some ideas about this issue?

Did you try using the printer paper that came with the device?

Hi Deepak,

No I don’t have printer paper that came with device, I used other paper that is good with other terminal like A920 (pax) but it is not good with Poynt.

The paper specifications can be different for each printer so could you please try with the printer paper that comes with the printer, so we can isolate the issue.


Yes we try with printer papers which came with units and results is the same.

Maybe we need to upgrade printer SDK or something like that as also printing speed is not OK.

We are using high quality papers which works fine on PAX A920,A930, NEXGO N5 all Verifone terminals and Ingencio.



I will provide more details:
-Printing taxfree with the original paper in the box => print was faded
-Printing tax free with our paper => same result , print faded
-Printing a demo receipt (not using the taxfree application) => faded aswell

What is the result when you print the receipt from the transactions app.


With transaction app slips are not blurry. Could you give us manuals, code printing examples and how to implement printing correctly.

If the printing is fine with the transaction app then i believe the way bitmap is generated is causing the issue.
Could you please send the code snippet used to generate the bitmap to

Thank you!

Try using this sample code to generate bitmap

you can override the font size, 24 usually works well


Let me know the result