Poynt SIM Card Slot?

Is there any information on installing a SIM Card on the Poynt? When I click on Mobile Plan in Settings->Wireless and networks, I get a prompt that states “Please insert SIM card and restart”. Do I need to take the unit apart?

Also, are there any special requirements for the SIM Card type?

You can see the SIM card slot on the right when you open the printer door. However the dev kit units don’t have 3G modem installed

Hi Dennis,

is there a way to see, if there is a 3G Modem installed on the dev. kits or not?
I checked the Android Settings, but there is no “Mobile Network”, etc., which I could configure.

Devices Serial Number: P61SWT369FS000989

For our applications we would like to support mobile networks, therefore we would need more information here.
How to get a working Poynt Terminal with 3G Modem?
We suggest that the 3G Modem works seamlessly in Europe/Switzerland?

Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, the devkits are wifi only by default. If you need to order a 3G unit please leave a note when you place an order. It’s about $70 more expensive.

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