Poynt Payment Fragments's option to only pay with credit card is not working

Using Poynt Fragment I am trying below options to achieve only option available for user is credit card :

disableDebit (boolean) - disables debit card option

disableCheck (boolean) - disables check option

disableOther (boolean) - disables “other” option

disableManual (boolean) - disables manual entry

disableCash (boolean) - disables cash option

cashOnly (boolean) - launches Payment Fragment directly into the cash flow

debitOnly (boolean) - only allow debit card payment

creditOnly (boolean) - only allow payment by credit

I have tried different combinations of below too but all time all options are enable for user to complete transaction. Ex. If I have disabled cash trasnaction then also Cash Option is display inside payment fragment, user can select it and complete payment using cash.

@mybmr instead of settings all the flags, you should only do setCreditOnly(true)