Poynt Dev Terminal - Card Reader broken after update


Background - my dev device has been sitting in its box for a while (spare one). last week I turned it on as I wanted to get some things moving with POS Bridge. The devices booted fine and everything worked - no errors etc.

Then I got a notification to upgrade (since it had not seen a network and not upgraded in over a year). Upgrade went ahead, installed no issues. When I booted the device up, I got the error that the card reader was broken - red warning as if the chip/card reader was compromised.

Now I have never used the card reader on the device - there was no card inserted or tapped at all. There was no such error before the upgrade.

Any thoughts or ideas? Is this a software issue? Can I restore to some older firmware?



Seems like no one else has this issue. Is there any older firmware I could try to see if it restores functionality?


Please provide us with your device serial so that we could look into this.