POS but not using IPoyntOrderService

Hello Poynt Team,

We’re developing an POS-like app to run on Poynt terminals. We wish we could leverage the Order API, but that traditional data model is not sufficient for our targeted merchant’s needs;

Question: will our app be approved if not using the Order API; instead rolling out our own data model?

By the way, our merchants don’t use the term ‘Order’ in their systems, and don’t need and can’t use any other apps that works on traditional orders; so there is no interoperability issue for them. What they have are “Ticket” and that’s what we’re going to use in our app.

We got this question after reading the following developer guideline I quoted below.




  • If you are building an app that generates or operates on orders (POS, order taking, etc.), utilize the IPoyntOrderService and/or Orders resource (API (opens new window)) and provide item-level details.