Payment details not loaded

Hello, I got error on my emulator
“non è stato possibile caricare i dettagli del pagamento” ( “payment details could not be loaded” I think is the error translated ).
What I did? just added a credit card, now I cannot start payment activity from my app nor get list of payments done in Account section of App app.
what’s happening?

please post a logcat.

I solved (I don’t know how, just rebooted my emulator :frowning: )
The problem that I don’t understand if GetSubscriptions call to Billing Fragment returns only the right subscriptions: I mean, if I created a plan with “Per DEVICE” option, the getSubscriptions call will return only subscription for that device that’s calling the API?
If not, how can I get device ID to filter? thank you


You could call GetSubscriptions and filter based on the device as follows:{{applicationId}}/subscriptions?businessId={{businessId}}&storeId={{storeId}}&deviceId={{planIdDevice}}