Pay-as-you go subscription

We would like to implement a “pay-as-you-go” subscription plan:

  1. the merchant installs the app and subscribes the plan (let’s say 0,10€ per stored document) preauthorizing a transaction
  2. he starts using the service through the app
  3. as soon as he reaches 100€ limit the card will be charged and an invoice will be send her/him by our system
  4. as long as he continues using the app this cycle goes on

I cannot understand if and how this is feasible given the current Poynt APIs

Hi @luca, unfortunately we only support recurring subscriptions at the moment. What you are describing is something we would like to tackle this year.

Would a payment-in-app app be acceptable?
The app could use nexi’s Xpay gateway to request the fee payment to the merchant as soon as he reaches the given limit.

Until we have an inapp billing solution, that should be ok