Override invoice number in Payment Fragment

Hello Poynt Team,

It is posible to override these values in Payment Fragment

1 - Invoice number with: (payment.setReferenceId(value))
2 - Tax with: (orderitem.setTax(value))
3 - Tips with: (payment.setTipAmount(value))
4 - Discounts with: (orderitem.setDiscounts(itemDiscounts))



Hi Pedro,

  1. What do you mean by invoice number? Payment references can we used to tag the payment with your custom reference Id. Refer to the sample app on how to do this https://github.com/poynt/PoyntSamples/blob/ef88cab158d048b526179f8a95a7c60f909b90c0/codesamples/src/main/java/co/poynt/samples/codesamples/PaymentActivity.java#L275
    2.You can override the tax but it is recommended to set the orderitem.setTaxes() which will then added up to reflect item.tax
    3.You can override tip for a payment.
  2. Discounts can also be overridden.

Thanks @Deepak for your response. I think I’m in the right path.