Order creation is taking too long on device

When I am creating a new order (using cloud API), it shows order created on my IDE console but, on device it takes longer (2 - 5 mins) to update. Sometimes, it takes longer up to 10 mins.

Though it updates instantly after a quick device reboot. Also, it’s showing HTTP Status code: 201 on console.

Please help me out here. I just want it to be updated instantly when I create a new order.


Hi @dennis @deepak,

We are also having a similar issue with our devkit, at first, we thought it was because we are using a test merchant and there was less priority for us in syncing the orders placed via the API to the terminal device.

But we also got this issue raised by one of our merchants who has multiple terminals. Is this something to do with the merchant having multiple devices and are there any priority when sync from the orders placed via the API gets shown on the devices.

Thanks in advance