Not able to use Poynt going forward due to lack of support

I like the Poynt backend system, and I like the terminals. However, it seems that I won’t be able to use the system going forward due to the catch-22 that I have been placed in.

My credit card processor–one of the major ones which I have no intention of leaving–does not have an active reseller account with Poynt, and has given up with using them due to roadblocks. I completely sympathize with the processor here I was CC’d on the internal email chain and was present for conference calls and it was mindboggling.

Support says that they are not allowed help me move my extra terminal (from another business) to my main account. Only a reseller can do that, but since I no longer have a reseller there is nothing I can do.

Thus while I am actively setup and using my terminals, now that one has failed, I am not allowed to add a replacement to my account. I can’t get a replacement through Poynt, I can’t administer my own account to add, change, or move terminals, it seems I’m done.

Perhaps this forum is monitored by someone who could assist or send me to someone who could?

[Narrator: “There Isn’t”]

It is now March–I heard nothing.

I am at a loss. Poynt seems to just be a pretty ghost-town façade. The terminals now seem to be showing behavior that indicates a bug, support chat says they are contacting support. I guess that’s a… sign.