Java-Cloud-SDK (Required extra jar: Api-model)


I am working on a project where I need to integrate POYNT to our sales application using poynt apis. It’s written in Java and doesn’t include maven dependencies. I have to use Poynt java-cloud-SDK for this but it needed two jar files which are as follows:

  1. Java-cloud-SDK: (co.poynt.api.sdk.PoyntSdk)
  2. Api-model: (co.poynt.api.model)

I already received “Java-cloud-SDK” jar but I still need “Api-model” jar as well. Can you please send it to me right here or help me find it. Don’t have access to your nexus repository as well.

import co.poynt.api.model.*; //Need this package
import co.poynt.api.sdk.PoyntSdk;


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Please use the below links to download the jar file to your project. It is preferred to not send jar files over emails as this might corrupt the jar file.

Our api-model jar can be found here:

Adding the version number in the end of the URL as shown below would let you download a specific version: they can download a specific version.

Similarly for the java-cloud-sdk: