Issue sending push notification

I’m having problems sending a push notification using the /cloudMessages API. In the past it worked but maybe after the last poynt update (I’m not sure) something happened an now I receive the following error message:

“message”:“Parameter provided is invalid.”,
“developerMessage”:“Invalid storeId: 416556c3-cda9-486f-bc45-851b8cf1f465”,

I’m using PHP and the JSON I’m sending is like the following:

{ “businessId”: -------,
“storeId”: “416556c3-cda9-486f-bc45-851b8cf1f465”,
“ttl”: 500,
“recipient”: {
“className”: ----,
“packageName”: ----
“data” => “test”

API version: 1.2
Device Serial Number: P6SW187JS001109

Thanks for your help!

@dindaro you are sending the request to our US site ( and it should be sent to EU site (