Is Refund functionality available in poynt?

Is there refund functionality availabel for poynt android sdk?

Payments can be refunded from the transaction details fragment. You can open a transaction detail using the DISPLAY PAYMENT action - details and code here:

Hi Praveen,
I follow that link.
But for that payment dialog for refund there are i have to pass TransactionId.
So that i got from after my transaction successfully done.
So in payment response there are transactionNumber and also transactionId in that.
So from payment class there are also function available for getTransactionNumber() from payment instance.
But i get that transactionNumber null but get transaction id properly but there are not any kind of directly method availabel for transaction id.

Also when i pass that transaction id properly then pop up of that transaction is opened but it shows blank.

I use below code for that

try {
transactionId = “44f0987e-81a9-e511-b1c6-0050569228c2”
Intent displayPaymentIntent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_DISPLAY_PAYMENT);
displayPaymentIntent.putExtra(Intents.INTENT_EXTRAS_TRANSACTION_ID, transactionId);
startActivityForResult(displayPaymentIntent, DISPLAY_PAYMENT_REQUEST);
} catch (ActivityNotFoundException ex) {
Log.e(TAG, “Poynt Payment Activity not found - did you install PoyntServices?”, ex);

How to get all completed transaction from poynt and also do refund using poynt sdk?.
Because i follow those things which is given on sdk instructions.
But whenever i pass transaction id for refund then that dialog becomes blank and nothing seen on that dialog

Hi Virag,

The blank popup indicates that the transaction id you are passing is not found. I actually confirmed in our admin interface that there is no transaction id. Keep in mind that each payment may have multiple transaction ids if it was a multi-tender payment. To get the list of transaction ids in your onActivityResult you should do this:

Payment payment = data.getParcelableExtra(Intents.INTENT_EXTRAS_PAYMENT);
for (Transaction t : payment.getTransactions()) {
Log.d(TAG, "transaction id: " + t.getId());