Is Poynt usable in Europe?


Hello Poynt,

We’re interested in using Poynt in Europe. Is it compatible with european payments networks ?
And if not, do Poynt team plan to make it available ?




Hello @dennis ,
We would really appreciate to know if some european aquirers plan to be available on Poynt, and subsequently if Poynt plans to deploy to Europe too. Soon or later.

Best regards,



Hi @flimandas,

Yes, we plan to be available in Europe, but I can’t share any specific timelines yet. Hopefully mid next year.


Thank you @dennis.
We’ll keep looking at Poynt as it develops.


Hello. Are there any updates to this thread? Is Poynt available in Europe today?


Yes, we do have Poynt available in Europe now through Elavon.