IndustryType in Business Object returned by IPoyntBusinessService.getBusiness() call

Hi everyvone. I’m just approching Poynt OS (with Android Studio) and i’m trying to get merchant’s information with IPoyntBusinessService.getBusiness() call. No problems doing the call and get the Business object:
Specifically my questions are about one of the fields in the Business object that this call returns.
The field is “IndustryType” and the questions are:

  • Is it always non null?
  • Merchants choose one of the Categories of “IndustryType” from a fixed set or he can write anything he want (personal categorization)
  • “IndustryType” is always indicated in English or his values language depends on device’s Locale?

Hi there,

IndustryType is mostly used internally. Please use mcc instead and use a MCC code list (e.g. to map to an industry type.