I need to grab the info isCustomPrice for my product that is created in the catalog

I would greatly appreciate some help. I need to find how I can grab some pertinent information so that I can use it in our application. In the Poynt register, when selecting a custom item with a custom price the logcat logs out “isCustomPrice”:true. I need to grab this information. How can I access it? I have looked in all the API and have not found this info and have also looked here in the Poynt developer forums with no success. I need help.

It would greatly appreciated if some sample code is shared for this.

The product class has a method isIsCustomPrice(), invoke this to get the value.

I have looked in the Product class and have not found the isCustomPrice() method. I have searched in this link that you have provided. https://poynt.github.io/developer/javadoc/co/poynt/os/services/v1/IPoyntProductService.html#getRegisterCatalogWithProducts-co.poynt.os.services.v1.IPoyntProductCatalogWithProductListener-\\

I have tried calling catalogWithProduct.getCategories().get(0).getProducts().get(0).getProduct.isIsCustomPrice() But there is no method isIscustomPrice().

Here is part of my code.

private IPoyntProductCatalogWithProductListener mProdCatWithProdListener = new IPoyntProductCatalogWithProductListener.Stub() {
public void onResponse(final co.poynt.api.model.CatalogWithProduct catalogWithProduct, PoyntError poyntError) throws RemoteException {
    final ArrayList<CategoryWithProduct> category_arraylist = new ArrayList<>();
    final ArrayList<PoyntProduct> product_arraylist = new ArrayList<>();

    //I can get the product but I can not go any further.

Thanks @deepak for helping me on this.

@deepak After updating my sdk and api with these. It did the trick! Thanks so much!
implementation ‘co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.118@jar’
implementation ‘co.poynt.android.sdk:poynt-sdk:1.2.31@aar’