How to show signature view after payment is done successfully.?

I am tried to open signature view after payment done successfully on second terminal.
So i tried to do below things in On ActivityResult but its not working.
i am getting IPoyntSecondScreenService instance and then use method of displaySignatureView();
But its not shown.
So what i have to do?.

Hi - sorry can you clarify why you are trying to collect signature ? That’s something Poynt’s Payment Fragment takes care of.

Hi Praveen,
I need to get customer’s signature after completion of transaction on second terminal.
So is it possible to show there after credit or cash transactions.?

But why ? If it’s for the transaction - it’s collected by Payment Fragment. What is the use case to collect signature again. Just trying to understand.

Btw make sure you set the skipSignature limit to $0 to force signature for all amounts (I believe the default is $25) through Payment Fragment.

Hi Praveen,

I do not see any method on the Payment object to set the skipSignature limit. Where is this method?