How To: Reprint/Resend a Receipt

Merchants have the ability to resend a receipt for a transaction that previously occurred on their devices by locating it in the Transactions list. This can be done via the terminal or through Poynt HQ (

On the Terminal: Click on the Transactions tab. From the list of transactions, tap on the one you would like to review. In the Transaction details screen, select Receipt. From here you can choose to print or email the receipt.

Alternatively, if a customer requests a receipt and they were the last transaction that occurred on the device, you may find a “Print Last Receipt” option in the three dot menu on the top of the Terminal app.

You will only be able to reprint the receipt from here.

NOTE: On the P5, you can print last receipt from both the Terminal and Register app.

On : Go to your Transactions list on ( and identify the transaction. Click on the Receipt button. On the pop up screen, you can enter in the email address to resend the receipt to, or print it out on your printer.

Print Last receipt doesn’t work. Where do i start and what should i do to figure out what is wrong.