How to do Patch request to update the category name?

I am trying to update the category name. I followed the docs:- and made a PATCH request with JSON Patch Body
body: [{“op”: “replace”, “path”: “name”, “value”: “AAABBB”}]
But on sending the request I am getting
'Type definition error: [simple type, class com.github.fge.jackson.jsonpointer.JsonPointer]; nested exception is com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidDefinitionException: Cannot construct instance ofcom.github.fge.jackson.jsonpointer.JsonPointer, problem: illegal pointer: expected a slash to separate tokens\n'
How should the body be sperated with slashes?

Hi Vishal,

The path “name” doesnot look correct in your PATCH request. Please refer to the following URL on how to send a JSON PATCH request: