How to access from my poynt device

Poynt device is connected with my wifi, but still unable to open
please provide the solution to open browser inside Poynt device.

Hi there,

A browser app does not ship with the Poynt terminal. If you’d like to learn how to use WebViews in your Android app, here is a swell introduction:


Hey Neil,

Thanks for your reply, but we want to know that how to access internet from my Poynt device.


I’m going to reach out to you by email to discuss directly.


We have device we are not able to open browser or internet how can we access it?

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I does not receive any mail from you regarding this topic, Please mail me as soon as possible.



I sent you an email on Mar 18. Please check your spam, or just write me at so I know my message will make it to a valid address. Thanks.

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I had checked my inbox as well as Spam message, there is no any mail comes from, please can you resend direct mail in my email id :
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Sent, and cc:'d to all of those addresses.

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This problem is resolved!