How do I create and process Invoices?

A key feature of the Premium plan is the ability to create and send invoices. You can now send invoices to your customers, and collect payments via email.

Once an invoice is created, the customer will receive an email from the Merchant with a link of the payment that is due. They’ll get redirected to use a custom and secure landing page to complete that payment online.

Create An Invoice

Log into Poynt HQ ( On the Sales & Reports tab, click on the Invoices link on the left hand side.

Step 1: Select the Create Invoice button. This will bring you to a form to create an invoice that will then be sent to a customer via email.

Step 2: Enter the customer’s first name, last name, and email. Be extra careful to enter the customer’s email correctly - this is the method in which they’ll receive the invoice.

Step 3: Enter in the description and $$ amount.

Step 4: Enter an invoice number and note (if applicable)

Step 5: Once complete, click Send Invoice. It will then appear in your list of Invoices.

From here, you can send a reminder, view the invoice, or if the order has been cancelled, you can delete the invoice. The status will then change to Cancelled.

NOTE: At this time, tax is not calculated automatically in the dollar amount
of the invoice. You will have to manually calculate the taxes and enter in
the dollar amount including taxes. We will be rolling out the tax
calculation feature shortly.

Send An Invoice

Once you complete this form, this will send the customer an email directing them to complete the Invoice you created. The email will look something like this:

Complete an Invoice (Customer)

Within the email, the customer will be able to review the invoice details and can select Pay Now. This will redirect the customer to a secure landing page where they can complete their payment. The customer can also add in a tip (this is based on the Tip settings for your store). The total amount to be billed to the credit card will update based on the amount of tip selected.

Once the payment is complete, it will be reflected on your Invoices page on your Merchant HQ.

The customer won’t be able to use the link to pay again. They will be directed to a page stating the invoice has already been paid.

NOTE: Invoice number is not required. If no invoice number is entered in, it will be auto-filled as the customer’s name.