Getting Exception after successfully payment while get data from from intent

i am using poynt sdk,in which i get an exception after successfully payment done.
I get an exception at below line.
Payment payment = data.getParcelableExtra(Intents.INTENT_EXTRAS_PAYMENT);

I am getting below exception
RuntimeException: Failure delivering result ResultInfo{who=null, request=13132, result=-1, data=Intent { act=poynt.intent.action.COLLECT_PAYMENT_RESULT (has extras) }} to activity {}

So is there any things i missing before get that data?
Please help me for that.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you implemented onActivityResult method in your Activity?

also make sure you are using the right api-model version:

PoyntOS SDK Version: 1.2.8
Poynt API Model Version: 1.2.32

Hi Dennis,
yes,I already add that.
In that i set below code.
if (requestCode == COLLECT_PAYMENT_REQUEST) {
if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
if (data != null) {
Payment payment = data

Hi Praveen,
I use eclipse for that whole project thus i have to migrate that code to eclipse.
But after that we are migrate whole code in Android Studio.

So in that i use below jar files for poynt sdk.

And add that jar dependency to our project.

Now In that My payment completed successfully from poynt terminal but while getting data from intent object i get an error.

You are using an old version (1.2.16) - hence the reason why you are getting the error (Parcel errors). You need to upgrade to 1.2.32.

If you are using gradle files use the following dependencies:
// Poynt SDK and Model Dependencies
compile ‘co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.32@jar’
compile ‘’

// JWT dependencies - if you want to parse JWTs
compile ‘net.jcip:jcip-annotations:1.0@jar’
compile ‘com.nimbusds:nimbus-jose-jwt:2.26@jar’
compile ‘net.minidev:json-smart:1.2@jar’

If you are using maven -add them to your pom file. If you are using good old ant, please download the new versions from our nexus repository.

Thanks Pravenn.
Let me try that.
I will update that library

Hi Praveen,
I Tried to found that jar
but cant found.

Also i tried to add that dependency but my project get an error at compile time.

So can you please help me for that jar file?

This working for me
compile ‘co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.32@jar’
compile ‘’

compile 'net.jcip:jcip-annotations:1.0@jar'
compile 'com.nimbusds:nimbus-jose-jwt:2.26@jar'
compile 'net.minidev:json-smart:1.2@jar'
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Hello ,
can you help me please I have the same problem , i get an exception after successful payment

Payment payment = data.getParcelableExtra(Intents.INTENT_EXTRAS_PAYMENT) ;
Exception :

java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure delivering result ResultInfo{who=null, request=78668, result=-1, data=Intent { act=poynt.intent.action.COLLECT_PAYMENT_RESULT (has extras) }} to activity {com.creova.irsel.ova/com.creova.irsel.ova.activity.SampleActivity}: android.os.BadParcelableException: ClassNotFoundException when unmarshalling: ������co.po

Hi there,

Are you using our developer unit or emulator? If it’s the former, can you post the last 4 digits of your serial #?
Also what version of android-api-model are you using in your build.gradle?

hi , I use
compile ‘co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.32@jar’
compile ‘’

// JWT dependencies - if you want to parse JWTs
compile 'net.jcip:jcip-annotations:1.0@jar'
compile 'com.nimbusds:nimbus-jose-jwt:2.26@jar'
compile 'net.minidev:json-smart:1.2@jar'

Please update your Poynt dependencies to what I have below and try again:

    compile 'co.poynt.api:android-api-model:1.2.36@jar'
    compile ''

thank you it 's work