Emulator stuck in 1 merchant id

I have a problem on Linux.

On Mac OSX if I create an emulator, activate it with a merchant id and terminal id, then wipe the data from android studio or create another emulator, i can activate it again with another merchant id and terminal id.

On Linux, I created an emulator, and now no matter what I do (wipe data or delete the emulator and create a brand new one), when I turn it on after the install scripts I get it auto-logged into the merchant I used the first time and there is no way, even on a new emulator, to get out of that merchant.

Where does this merchant ID get saved? Is there a way I can wipe it? It’s really strange that creating a new emulator it gets automatically logged in.

Note: I’m using the EU install scripts, the first time I logged into an american merchant id. Now I’d like to shift everything to EU merchant stuff but I can’t get out of that american merchant.

If you are using the emulator from the old documentation, could you please try the updated one https://poynt.github.io/developer-docs/setupTerminal/setup-emulator.html#download-and-install-emulator