Emulator Issue: Nexi not available in acquirer list and "Cannot Cannot Activate device. The business was not set up"

Hi all.
I have this issuer: “Cannot Activate device. The business was not set up”.
This is my test environment:

  1. Account on eu.poynt.net and create a test merchant with Nexi as Acquirer.
  2. Emulator version p61b-338 (POYNT SMART TERMINAL V2)
  3. Android SDK with API level 23

Then I follow the instruction listed in the paragraph “Poynt Smart Terminal Emulator” from here.
At the startup, I’ve to chose the acquire, but Nexi (the one I choose for the merchant) is not available in the acquirer list, so I pick “Chase Paymentech”. Then when I put MID and TID of the test merchant I got the message "Cannot Activate device. The business was not set up”.

I also use the emulator suggested here but appears several times this error: “Unfotunatly, Poynt Service has stopped”.

Have you any idea how to resolve? Any suggestions?

The issue should be fixed, please download the updated emulator
If you still see the crash post the logs here

Hi @deepak

I’ve downloaded the updated emulator from the link above but I’m still not seeing the Nexi acquirer.

Hi @deepak,

Same thing on our side with the updated emulator. Nexi is not available as an Acquirer.


Nexi is not available as an Acquirer on the emulator since Nexi uses a custom activation flow.
This flow requires MID and TID’s provided by Nexi.
Please proceed to use any other Acquirer for test merchants

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