Display "welcome screen" on second display with IPoyntSecondScreenService v2

Hello everyone!
I would like to know if there is a way to go back to “welcome screen” with IPoyntSecondScreenService v2 after, for example, having shown a message on the second display.

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Should we use the service V1? I don’t think is good to have two service on the second screen, using the V1 just for the welcome screen.
@dennis can you maybe help us?

Take a look at dsiplayMessage of second screen v2 API, this allows for customization,

Welcome Screen is only accessible from v1 of the service.

@deepak you mean that the app cannot restore the default pre-existing second screen message when exiting; really?

To display default welcome screen call this API: https://poynt.github.io/developer/javadoc/co/poynt/os/services/v1/IPoyntSecondScreenService.html#displayWelcome-java.lang.String-android.graphics.Bitmap-co.poynt.os.services.v1.IPoyntSecondScreenCheckInListener- and pass null as the first 2 arguments.

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