Device not initialized. Contact Support

I tried to activate my test merchant, but received cannot inject keys. I skipped it and received device not intialized.

Kindly help. This needs a quick fix.


can you share the serial number of your device? We can inject test keys remotely if your device is online.

DEVICE S/no. : P61SWD055GS000832

Let us know when you can do it? We are available till 5:00 PM IST

Best Regards.

Hi Rishi,

Sorry for the delay. It looks like the terminal does not need key injection any more as I see transactions flowing through. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi Dennis,

We are facing same problem with our POYNT Device

It is showing us device not initialized how to take my device to developer mode.
You help will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kevin,

please follow the steps in to inject test keys.

Hi Dennis In about which option select for inject key ?

I have already done card reader configuration but still iam getting same issue.Your help will be really helpful.

I have found notification regarding inject key which is successfully initialize but still i am getting device is not initialized.

can you post the device serial number?
Make sure you device is in developer mode and then you can inject test keys

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your assistance. We are now able to activate developer mode and then we injected keys successfully and the error message is also gone. You are a life saver. Thanks. :slight_smile:

please help
card reader will not NOT INTIALIZE ON NEW TERMINAL
SN -P68W240JS005111

Hi Adam, are you a developer or a merchant? I see that the device P68W240JS005111 is a locked production device.

If you are a developer, you would need to unlock the device, create a test merchant under your developer organization and then associate the device to that business as per the below link:

Please let me know if you are a developer and I will remote wipe your device for you to be able to perform the above steps. If you are a merchant, please reach out to

Also, you would need to inject test keys onto the device once it is unlocked by following the below step:
Go to Settings > About > tap 10 times on Payment Firmware > tap on Inject button.

Please note that once the device is unlocked and set into developer mode, you will not be able to use it as a production device and process real payments.

Hi @dennis,
I am facing a similar issue, could you assist me with my device
These the information

  • Test merchant 8025059232
  • Serial N79404252323

Thanks so much